Upon receipt, open the package and identify the anchor points of the packaging bags, do not pull, you risk damaging the plants. It is best to bring scissors, and cut the tape to gently remove the plants in their packaging.

Use scissors !

Inspect the plants, if any problem occurred during transportation, take photos in the individual package and outside, and contact us.

Prepare the pots, the substrates according to the needs of each species.

For acclimatization, we recommend a dedicated transparent box (or terrarium), plants that travel bare-rooted need high humidity to acclimatize and take root in their new substrate. For Begonia and other undergrowth species, a location in light shade, without direct sunlight, is preferable. In the case of artificial lighting, do not place the plants too close for the first 10-15 days after reception.

Avoid too high or too low temperatures, ideally between 15 and 25°C.

After 20 to 40 days of acclimatization, you can transfer the acclimatized plants to their destination location, taking care to operate gradually if the humidity is lower, or the light stronger.