Most of the Begonia we offer are species from very humid understory or hills, which grow in shade.

In culture, it is essential to have a high hygrometry, which can only be reached in a terrarium, under-cloche or other container allowing light to pass through, but also enclosing very humid air.

Terrariums samples

For the substrate, many variations are possible in the proportions and ingredients used. This remains to be adapted depending on the species and other growing conditions. For the mineral part, akadama seems very adapted, but you can use pumice, perlite, vermiculite, sand, gravel... and a more organic and rich part, potting soil, disinfected beforehand to avoid the introduction of parasites. From time to time, add nutrients, especially if growth slows down, or if the leaves show signs of deficiency. The substrate must be well draining and humid; it may dry out from time to time if the humidity remains high. At the slightest sign of water stress, you must water.

Our Begonia are shipped bare-root, so you need to prepare your substrate before receiving them.